About TTRPG University

Our Mission

TTRPG Education

We believe TTRPGs are educational, therapeutic, and socially valuable for all ages. Gatekeeping resources and information should be discouraged in every part of this community. 

TTRPG Safety & Accessibility

Everyone at the table should feel safe, seen, and respected. Resources should come in multiple formats and mediums for neurodivergent gamers.

TTRPG Industry Support

This industry bustles with creatives making their mark and paying their bills. The more of us with a voice in the game the better it becomes for everyone. Navigating this industry professionally should not be a gatekept secret.

What We Offer

Game Master Support

You are why the party is gathered at the table to collaborate on a story together. Stay inspired and prevent burnout.

New Gamer Support

Learning how to play TTRPGs can be daunting. Hopefully, our blog posts and courses will help.

Professional Advice

For professional gamemasters, TTRPG writers, DMs Guild publishers, livestreamers, & educators.

TTRPG Spotlights

While D&D is the most popular tabletop roleplaying game, there are many more to enjoy as well!

Affiliate Payouts

We offer a generous affiliate program for our courses. Payouts are sent on a monthly basis.

Educator Hosting

Have a unique perspective? You can submit your own course to host in our university catalog.

Image by Erik D., D&D in a Castle

Hey there,
I'm Beth the Bard!

TTRPG Education is Kinda My Jam.

Three years ago, I created a blog called Hashtag Gameschool, documenting my family's journey into tabletop roleplay gaming. It included resources and quizzes for new players hoping to get into the game - all with a visual, ADHD-friendly delivery.

The site supplemented my students through my work as a full-time therapeutic dungeon master to kids aged 12-18. Since then, I've expanded and grown as a professional with more to offer.

I've been a bit busy these last few years...

Welcome to the university experience

In the last few years, I've tinkered in, failed at, and mastered various opportunities, discovering how expansive this industry is. Including but not limited to live streaming, design work, book publishing, event & company GMing, illustration, and much more! (Bards are Jacks of All Trades, after all.) 


I want to share what I've learned and help lift others in this community.


For our third anniversary, Hashtag Gameschool is officially rebranded as TTRPG University to offer more resources to more people. With the help of my partner and enthusiastic community members, we'll make this a space to uplift every gamer.

Image by Ricardo S., D&D in a Castle

Ways To Connect:

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Follow Beth on Social Media everywhere @ItsBethTheBard

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