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Mechanical Design

Quiver (System Reference Document)

Quiver A quiver can hold up to 20 Arrows. Attributes Item Rarity Standard Item Type Adventuring Gear Weight 1

Mechanical Design

Backgrounds: ADHD SRD (System Reference Document)

Every story has a beginning. Your character’s background reveals where you came from, how you became an adventurer, and your place in the...

Character BuildingGame EducationGame Mastering

Ancestry and Culture: A D&D 5E Alternative to Race

Even though Race means something different in D&D than it does in real life, you can probably imagine why it can be seen...

Character BuildingMechanical Design

Sorcerer: Wild Magic

Wild Magic Surge (1st Level Sorcerer) At 1st level, your spellcasting can unleash surges of untamed magic. Immediately after you cast a sorcerer...

Character BuildingGame EducationMechanical Design

Hit Dice in 5th Edition by Character Class and Monster Size

The 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Hit Die Chart Based on Character Class & Monster Sizes Use this chart to figure out your...

Character BuildingTable Tools

How to Fill Out a Dungeons and Dragons 5E Character Sheet

In this post, I will guide you through filling out your first player character sheet. You can watch the video and/or follow the...

Game EducationMechanical Design

Ability Scores and Modifiers: Dungeons & Dragons System Reference Document

First Let’s Try to Understand What Ability Scores Are: Ability scores are a way to measure the physical and mental characteristics of your...

Game Business

Dungeons & Dragons Can Be a Lucrative Side Hustle

 Brancaccio: What does a dungeon master do?   Pilon: A dungeon master in the game of Dungeons & Dragons is the person who leads...

Game Education

Why Dungeons & Dragons is Good for You In Real Life

 Who do you want to be?   A brave dwarvish warrior, a wizard who can cast spells an elf who is skilled...

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