Learn D&D

Learn D&D

Starting Loot: What You Need to Play Dungeons and Dragons

I’m often questioned about the gear needed to get started with D&D, so I thought it was worth a quick post! This...

Character BuildingLearn D&D

How to Fill Out a Dungeons and Dragons 5E Character Sheet

In this post, I will guide you through filling out your first player character sheet.   You can watch the video and/or follow...

General EducationLearn D&D

Dungeons & Dragons Vocabulary to Know

Character Alignments Good: Respectful and kind Evil: Selfish, oppressive, and rude Lawful: Follows a strict system of code, whether laws or honor. Can be unwavering. Chaotic:...

Learn D&D

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Dungeons and Dragons

Welcome to Part One of our D&D 101 series where we’ll cover the very basics and some frequently asked questions. My goal is...

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