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Write Your Own TTRPG Adventure​

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Write Your Own TTRPG Adventure​

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had help figuring out how to write and publish your game? Starting on Sept 4th, we personally take 20 creators from start to finish over six weeks.

Cohort Begins Sept 4th.
Join anytime.

Beth and Jay are a dynamic tag team as instructors, and I've really enjoyed the supportive environment they've assembled during this course. Their level of professional knowledge, their transparency, and the structure of the lessons have been immensely helpful every step of the way!

cher davis, Summer 2023 cohort participant

stop Waiting Until You're "Ready"

Waffling around hasn't put your work into anyone's hands. It hasn't made anyone notice you OR your great ideas.

Let's guide you from "I'm making something" to being an actual published author. Finally.

Does this sound like you?


You're drowning in ideas, but do not understand how to turn them into a written adventure.


You see others publishing supplements, running their games at conventions, or funding Kickstarters. You're frustrated by your own lack of progress.


Somehow you both don't know what to do but are also drowning in all the ways to do it. You're overwhelmed.


You've purchased content to help you learn how to "write" adventures, only to discover it's actually yet another resource teaching game masters how to keep their players engaged at the table...


You'd like to see your own name in print or sign your own NDA with a writing company! But...you know you need a portfolio first.

We're Offering Three Things

a Digital E-Course

With Over 40 ADHD-Friendly Video Lessons + Handouts & Templates to Guide You

a Support Group

Enjoy the Brand-New TTRPG University Discord Community With Private Course Chats


Input From A Team of Professional Game Designers, Editors, & Graphic Artists

The short videos are perfect. Beth and Jayden are SO helpful and encouraging, and having the weekly cohort calls are fantastic for advice and motivation.

Stevie, Summer 2023 cohort participant

Write Your Own TTRPG Adventure

Even if you're new to TTRPG writing, we can take you from a confused beginner to a published creator. Plus, a portfolio to show for it.

Module 1

Scope Your Adventure

Module 2

Plan Your Adventure

Module 3

Build Your Adventure

Module 4

Refine Your Adventure

Module 5

Package Your Adventure

Module 6

Launch Your Adventure

You Did It!

Bonuses (value $524)

There are bonuses for joining the live cohort, aside from all the great content of the course. Bonuses include LIVE Q&A calls, a full adventure template library, and a project planner for scoping your roadmap!

Bonus One:
Live Weekly Q&A Video Calls

($400 value)

To help guide you through the course content, answer questions, and assist in a group setting.

Bonus Two:
Full Adventure Template library

($99 value)

Go beyond the course templates with adventure templates for Affinity & Canva!

Bonus Three:
Project Planner + Walkthrough

($25 value)

This planner & dashboard is compatible with Google Sheets and will guide you through this journey.

This is certainly the closest I've been to publishing an adventure module, and I feel like the content has been very well structured to build a concept and turn that into a feasible idea. I also really enjoy the weekly chats and the availability of a community to help troubleshoot ideas.

Robert, current cohort participant

Where You are

Where you'll be


Weekly live Coaching Sessions

Accountability to push you forward

An editing team to help guide you along

Choose the Best Option For You:

cohort begins Sept 4th - Late Enrollments are welcome!

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*Are you a woman or POC? Thanks to our equity model, you get 50% off this course pricing! Use Code: EQUITYMATTERS

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*Are you a woman or POC? Thanks to our equity model, you get 50% off this course pricing! Use Code: EQUITYMATTERS

What's the Schedule?

The schedule is subject to a minor change if it becomes necessary.
Calls are meant for Q&A and support; they are not lessons. They take place at 5 pm Pacific for an hour.
All live calls are recorded for replay in the classroom, so if you can't make the time, you're totally fine!

Week One

New Content: Mon, Sept 4th

Live Chat: Wed, Sept 5th

Week two

New Content: Mon, Sept 11th

Live Chat: Wed, Sept 13th

Week three

New Content: Mon, Sept 18th

Live Chat: Wed, Sept 20th

Week four

New Content: Mon, Sept 25th

Live Chat: Wed, Sept 27th

Week five

New Content: Mon, Oct 2nd

Live Chat: Wed, Oct 4th

Week six

New Content: Mon, Oct 9th

Live Chat: Wed, Oct 11th

Meet your coaches

Hello, We're Beth the Bard & Jayden King

Beth the Bard is a feminist game designer and best-selling author of She is the Ancient, A Genderbent Curse of Strahd guidebook. She applies more than four years (and 1,000 sessions!) of professional therapeutic GMing and well over a decade of experience as an educator, blogger, and graphic designer.

She collaborates closely with her partner, Jayden King, a proud Black game designer and business developer. He's a professional game master and writer that works with companies such as Modiphius and Wizards of the Coast. He applies over a decade of working as a corporate trainer for best business practices, team bonding, and organizational development coaching RPG designers.

Together, they focus their effort on providing opportunities for Women and BIPOC creators, which recently included their successful Kickstarter campaign for Daughter of Frankenstein, an Operatic Adventure for 5E Dungeons & Dragons.

The weekly calls have been incredibly useful, getting real-time input from you both has been invaluable to shaping my adventure and structuring my thoughts to make writing an adventure a real achievable thing.

nerdy emma, Summer 2023 cohort participant

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You've got questions? We have answers!

The course begins on September 4th, 2023 and ends on October 13th, 2023

Yes! All the content will be dripped throughout the six-week cohort and after we’re done, you’ll keep access to the full course to reference whenever you want!

Nope! We’ll take you from beginner to published. All you need is a will to succeed and the discipline to follow through.

It’s entirely possible to complete this quest while working a full-time job! We’ll cover some time management concepts in the first week of the course.

While 5E is often referenced for a broader range of relatability in the community, this course is not 5E-specific. We will actually discuss the styles of various TTRPG systems, and you’re encouraged to write in your preferred system.

Yes! The OGL still exists for D&D 5e for those that wish to operate within DM’s Guild. For those that wish to publish outside of DM’s Guild, the SRD allows individuals to use the OGL or Creative Commons for making 5e compatibility.

That’s totally okay, we’re recording the calls and uploading them to the classroom within the same day. You can watch them later!

That’s also entirely okay! You’ll still get access to everything else that this course offers and can work through the content in your own time. 

Excellent, we’re super excited to work with you! Once registered, check your email for instructions on creating your TTRPG University courses account. You’ll see your course dashboard once you do this and log in. Even though the content won’t be available until our start day, you can click on the course and visit the welcome page inside the classroom.

We meet once a week for an hour. It’s a group coaching call to review the week’s content and answer questions. All calls are recorded and added to the classroom same-day.

You definitely don’t need to. I have recommendations for premium resources but none of them are necessary.

Once you’ve completed the course content and created your adventure, send it to us at Admin@TTRPGUniversity.com, and we’ll email your certificate.

Honestly, without a deadline, it's difficult for me to force myself to write. Between work, social obligations, and games I'm running and playing in, I just always find reasons not to write. But this course provided that structure I needed to just get it done.

mike mardis, Summer 2023 cohort participant

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You can email us directly and we’ll return the favor within 24 business hours.

This page includes art or map work by Perplexing Ruins, Yorsey Hernandez, and Fernando Salvaterra. None of their files will be included in this course. You must source their content from them if you’d like your own copy for personal or commercial use. Their work will simply be shown in lesson samples.

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Get Unstuck & Get Published

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