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Meet the “Write Your Own TTRPG Adventure” Summer 2023 Cohort!

Oh, the places we'll go...

Behold the Summer 2023 cohort for our Write Your Own TTRPG Adventure course! 17 out of 20 participants have opted to share their journey on the blog, and we’re beyond excited to show them off and watch them publish their beautiful adventures.

Please take a look at our participants, give them a follow, and watch them hit the scene with their new publications this fall. Highlighted participants are listed in alphabetical order.

B. Alex Horn

any / all

B. Alex Horn plans to regularly produce one-shots with unique encounters and monsters. With Halloween season around the corner, they are developing an adventure centered around the deep lore of Samhain.


any / all

Bencompetence’s goal is to make a full-length campaign about a haunted house that is impossibly bigger on the inside, fueled by the madness and cruelty of a masked villainess known as Aveline. 

Bendy Mitchell

she / they

Bendy plans to build the most chaotic and fun experience you’ll ever have at a pizza-rat-themed kid casino!

Cassie Butler

she / they

Cassie plans to explore the concept of using TTRPGs as part of a self-discovery and wellness journey.

Catherine Barson Eastis

she / her

Welcome to The Plastered Possum, a family-owned and operated tavern with the best brunch in the reals — so good, that fights used to break out waiting for a table!


These scuffles became so frequent, that management said to take it outside — to the arena! And thus The Plastered Possum’s annual city-wide Brunch n’ Brawl was born. With breakfast-themed stage names, signature moves, and silly costumes, adventuring parties from all over scramble for victory, accolades, and 365 days of syrup-soaked, bacon-smothered gluttony.


Will your party order up? Fry the competition? Or end up with egg on their face? Find out in this 5th-ed compatible OGL adventure meets cookbook!

Cher Davis

she / her

Cher is currently working on world-building for her own homebrew campaign setting, which will reflect themes of heroism, liberation, and world-affecting events.


Her goals in completing this program are to connect with peers and mentors who can help her discover the best ways to execute the story of my world with as much diversity inclusion, ability inclusion, and gender affirmation as possible.


Cher wants to learn how to create a solid production team, understand the logistics/business end of creating/producing TTRPGs, and create an effective crowdfunding campaign to bring her campaign to market and help her team get compensated properly for their work.

Jacqueline Goldblatt

she / her

Imagine if the entirety of one’s life experiences, the sum total of their knowledge, skills, and memories blossomed from the ground as a crystal flower upon their death. This is reality within the kingdom of Doryanthes, where these valuable blooms, known as Crystallum are prized above all else. But every rose has its thorns, and outsiders would do well to know that even in a land of beauty, danger is never far behind.


Jacqueline’s (as-of-now unnamed) adventure, which will hopefully stay at around 6,000 words, will guide your adventurers through a kingdom of crystal blooms and thorny paths filled with peril.


Are you ready to explore Doryanthes? 

Jordan Ramée

he / him

Having completed your sentence in an underground prison, you and your fellow inmates are being transported across a sea of lava back to civilization. 


But it seems like the cavern is not done with you.


A killer stalks the ship, murdering prisoners one by one. And an evasive fire spirit is trying to reclaim what rightfully belongs to them by whatever means necessary. If you and your fellow inmates wish to be free, you’ll have to work together to uncover long-forgotten secrets hidden beneath the molten waves and fight to defend the ship.

Kayla Rosario

she / her

Eldritch horror meets Afro and Caribbean mythology in my premier one-shot adventure.


Step into a land of spirits, mermaids, and mysticism in a tropical sea setting that is equal parts eerie, perilous, and wondrous. I create games to bring new meaning to a fantasy setting. 


Kayla Rosario creates games as a love letter to those who want to see themselves represented in the gameplay world as the default, not an outlier, for the first time. She creates games for the Culture.

Mike Mardis

he / him

The party comes upon a secluded town, and everyone seems super friendly – suspiciously so.


The party will soon discover that a Witch has been capturing and corrupting Intellect Devourers to serve her plan of dominating the town and eventually more.


Make has lots of ideas about a house party with drinking games (to try to get them drunk so they’re easier pickins). And a short dungeon crawl at the house party to find where the Witch has the IDs caged and an entrance to the Underdark.

Nerdy Emma

they / them / any

Nerdy Emma is creating an oops all oozes horror-lite D&D5e adventure for Tier 2 play!

Rek It, Raven!

They / She / Any

It’s 2078, and the world as it was once known has been sundered. The remnants of humanity have been fractured and forced underground to live their lives in bunkers and civilizations deep within the Earth’s crust.


How will you navigate these trying times on the cusp of extinction by forces both human and supernatural?

Robert Sharp

he / him

An insane, neon, steampunk wizard, a deadly tower, and a door that disappeared behind you. It seems your only way out is to ascend the tower, but what horrors, riddles, and mysteries await you on the floors above?

Sergio Hernandez

he / him

The party is charged with protecting and escorting journalist Lee Thomas who has just escaped from prison after being unjustly held by the king for exposing the monarch’s greed and fraud. What should be a simple bodyguards-for-hire job proves to be decidedly not simple since everyone – from the king’s guard to mercenaries looking to collect on the bounty — is on the lookout for Thomas and won’t think twice about putting down some random rogue or wizard who stands in their way.

Whitney MadameWench Mardis

she / her

Whitney combines her love of D&D, nature, politics, and history to create a shenanigans-filled one-shot set in the fantastical world of modern US National Parks.


Dungeon crawl your way through a natural wonderland full of magical mischief, shenanigans, and quite a few wild carnivorous goats.

Zipporah Smith

she / her

Zipporah plans to create her first TTPRG adventure to sell, ready to make her start in the community. Check out her website here.

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Written by
Beth the Bard (@ItsBethTheBard)

She/Her | Pro DM & Coach | ADHD | Best-Selling DnD Author of Feminist Curse of Strahd Book | D&D in a Castle DM | Creator of TTRPG University

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