It's not easy to manage, prepare, & run multiple tables.

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The Organized Game Master

Do you spend more time organizing your plans than running your games?

Do you wish you could run more complex and exciting games but don't have the time or energy to keep track of everything?

In this Course, you'll learn how to:

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what's in the course?

In this module, we learn to sort through our mindset, ideas, and needs. You’ll choose your tools of organization and get your database established.

In this module, we learn what tools are available and recommended as game masters. You’ll decide what to use and how to keep your tools organized.

In this module, we learn how to organize our table. You’ll decide which expectations to set and how to run an effective session zero.

In this module, we learn to organize our players as a game master. You’ll decide what resources can you give them and how can you best handle conflicts.

In this module, we learn about multiple phases of campaign preparation. You’ll organize your world, setting, and adventure information.

In this module, we learn how to focus on session preparation. You’ll break down your sessions down to bite-sized pieces to reference over and over.

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Avoid Burnout + Run Epic Sessions

The Organized Game Master is the perfect way to take your game master skills to the next level. With this course, you'll be able to run more organized, efficient, and enjoyable games.

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Here's what you'll get in The Organized Game Master:

Video-Based Lessons

Every lesson page has 1-5 videos to guide you through the concepts and ideas.

Hands-On Material

Downloadable handouts and workbook pages to help you understand & organize.

Community Assistance

Join the Discord to ask questions and get help from other game masters.

Meet your coaches

Hello, We're Beth the Bard & Jayden King

Beth the Bard is a feminist game designer and best-selling author of She is the Ancient, A Genderbent Curse of Strahd guidebook. She applies more than four years (and 1,000 sessions!) of professional therapeutic GMing and well over a decade of experience as an educator, blogger, and graphic designer.

She collaborates closely with her partner, Jayden King, a proud Black game designer and business developer. He's a professional game master and writer that works with companies such as Modiphius and Wizards of the Coast. He applies over a decade of working as a corporate trainer for best business practices, team bonding, and organizational development coaching RPG designers.

Together, they focus their effort on providing opportunities for Women and BIPOC creators, which recently included their successful Kickstarter campaign for Daughter of Frankenstein, an Operatic Adventure for 5E Dungeons & Dragons.

"a great reminder to self-evaluate what i want from my games"

[Th expectations breakdown] is FANTASTIC for new and experienced's been a great reminder to self-evaluate what I want from my games and my players, how I want to run my games, and whether or not I'm communicating that effectively.

— Shelflife

BONUS MODULE: Advanced Storytelling Tactics

Map art by Salvaterra

Learn advanced storytelling tactics to bring a more immersive and narrative experience to your table.

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