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Why I Love Dungeons and Dragons (D&D With Kids)

Magic, adventure, role playing, and fun. That’s what I like about Dungeons and Dragons.   I really like to read, and when I...


6 Things I Loved About the Fey Fayre 5E Campaign by R-N-W

(Images 1-5 are copyright R-N-W) Today I played in the three-hour long one-shot 5E campaign called the Fey Fayre by R-N-W. It was...


Roleplaying Your D&D Character

A core part of Dungeons and Dragons is roleplaying your character. It is called a roleplaying game, after all. Are you nervous to...


Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit Unboxing

https://youtu.be/AxOr4-7OKsY Click the video play button above to see an unboxing of the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit by Wizards of the Coast!...

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