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Gnome Race Builder: Level One

In this post, we’re building a gnome for Dungeons & Dragons. Gnomes are my mom’s absolute favorite race, as you’ll be able to tell if you listen to any of our D&D 101 audio series.


Gnomes are an excellent character race for Dungeons and Dragons. I’ll show you why.

Gnome Race Basics:

This guide should make it easy-peasy for you to fill out your first character sheet for the Gnome race! Consult your player’s handbook for more detailed information.

Life Span

Approximately 350-500 Years

Settling Into Adulthood

Gnomes Do This At About 40 Years Old

Ability Score Increase

Add +1 to Your Intelligence Score

Gnome Size


Average Gnome Height

Three-Four Feet Tall

Average Gnome Weight

40 Pounds

Base Walking Speed

25 Feet

Gnome Languages

Gnomish & Common

Gnome Cunning

You Have Advantage on All Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma Savings Throws Against Magic


60 Foot in Dim Light, 30 Feet in Darkness

Standard Alignment

Typically Aligned as Good

Choose One Gnome Sub-Class:

Forest Gnome

You chose Forest Gnome as your sub-race. Cool! Here are the extra things you can add to your character sheet now:

Ability Score Increase

Add +1 to Your Dexterity Score

Natural Illusionist

You Have Minor Illusion Cantrip
(Intelligence Spellcasting)

Speak With Small Animals

You Can Communicate Simple Ideas With Small Beasts. You Have a Natural Affinity For Small Creatures.

Rock Gnome

You chose Rock Gnome as your sub-race. Cool! Here are the extra things you can add to your character sheet now:

Ability Score Increase

Add +1 to Your Constitution Score

Artificer’s Lore

You Get 2x Your Proficiency Bonus on History Checks For Magic, Alchemical, or Technological Devices


Proficiency With Tinkerer's Tools. you have proficiency with tinkerer’s tools

Tinker Expansion For Rock Gnome Sub-Class

You can make a tiny clockwork device with an AC (armor class) of five and a HP (hit point) of one. You’ll spend one hour and 10 GP (gold pieces) in material to make this device.

The device doesn’t function anymore after 24 hours unless an hour is spent repairing it to keep it going. You can totally reclaim the materials that went into creating it, though. Overall, you can have three devices at a time!

Choose One of These Three Possible Tinkering Devices:

Clockwork Toy

When Placed on Ground, Toy Moves Five Feet In a Random Direction On Each Of Your Turns. Can Represent An Animal, Monster, or Person!

Fire Starter

Device Produces Miniature Flame. Can Be Used to Light Fire. Requires Your Action.

Music Box

Plays Single Song at Moderate Volume When Opened

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