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Half-Orc Race Builder: Level One

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Half-Orc Race Basics:

This guide should make it easy-peasy for you to fill out your first character sheet for the Half-Orc race! Consult your player’s handbook for more detailed information.

Life Span

Longer Than 75 Years

Half-Orcs Reach Adulthood

At Approximately 14 Years Old

Ability Score Increases

Add +1 to Your Constitution Score
Add +2 to Your Strength Score

Half-Orc Size


Average Half-Orc Height

Five Feet to Six Plus Feet

Base Speed

30 Feet

Half-Orc Languages

Orc & Common

Standard Alignment

Lean Chaotic, Not Typically Inclined Toward Good


Gain Proficiency in Intimidation

Relentless Endurance

Instead of Reaching 0 Hit Points, You Can Drop to 1 Instead. Use This Feature Once Between Each Long Rest.

Savage Attacks

If Scoring Critical Hit With Melee Weapon, Roll One Weapon Damage Dice Another Time and Add Extra Damage

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