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Tiefling Race Builder: Level One

Tiefling Race Basics:

Tieflings are SO COOL. They’re descended from devils and they can cast magic. Many people in the D&D world are afraid of Tieflings (perhaps the horns?) but that doesn’t mean they’re bad creatures. I feel like every party should have at least one Tiefling to scare off the commoners.


This guide should make it easy-peasy for you to fill out your first character sheet for the Tiefling race! Consult your player’s handbook for more detailed information.

Tiefling Life Span

Approximately 80-100 Years
(Similar to Humans)

Tieflings Reach Adulthood

At Approximately 20 Years Old

Ability Score Increase

Add +1 to Your Intelligence Score
Add +2 to Your Charisma Score

Tiefling Size


Base Walking Speed

30 Feet

Tiefling Languages

Infernal & Common


60 Feet in Dim Light, 30 Feet in Darkness

Typical Tiefling Alignment

While Not Inherently Evil, Many Become So. Their Independent Nature Pushes Them Toward Chaos.

Hellish Resistance

You Are Resistant to Fire Damage

Infernal Legacy

You Know the Thaumaturgy Cantrip
Charisma is Your Spellcasting Ability

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