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6 Clever Ways to Store Your Dice Sets

1. Wizards Would Store Their Dice This Way

This exciting collection by stevenr4 on imgur grabbed my attention immediately. I’m not totally sure what the jar of sugar cubes is for, but to each their own. This has that coveted wizardry feel that I so desperately long for just about always.

Here’s another exciting spice rack dice storage example!

2. This Octopus is Missing A Limb, But It’s Okay

This one by TheMushroomCreative on Reddit is just plain cute. I wouldn’t want something like this as a dice carrying pouch, by any means. But heck yes for dresser-top decoration or even use in-game.



I couldn’t resist adding at least one more adorable display option. JUST LOOK AT THIS CUTE BABY DRAGON GUARDING THE GATES OF HECK (or more likely a stolen Dwarf kingdom).

4. Test Tubes Make Everything Look Science-Y

Test tubes are possibly cooler than spice jars when it comes to setting that Dungeons & Dragons feeling… that je ne sais quoi. You could even set them up in lab tube display racks. I’m not nerding out, you are.


5. I Bet This Player Also Uses a Written Planner With Tabs

That’s not judgement, that’s jealousy.  This simple craft tray by hornbook1776 on Reddit is smart because it’s easy to store and transport. Keeping everything close and organized in one container.


6. This Will Be More Messy Than Helpful

Kraken Dice might take home  the cake with this D20 storage container. I would absolutely try rolling this thing, full of dice, during combat. “I YEET THE WOLF!”

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