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D&D Makes a Statement About The OGL Disaster

Quick Glance Kyle Brink, the executive producer of D&D, made a statement today to clarify who the OGL does NOT affect. He also...

College of TechGame Masters

Livestream Your TTRPG Course Announcement

Be the next Black Dice Society (or other notable virtual TTRPG streamers) and stream your game on Twitch! With years of experience in...

College of StoryGame Masters

GM Intensive Course Announcement

GM Intensive with Beth the Bard launches in early April (2023) and has a delightful early bird price! The course was created just...

College of BusinessGame Masters

How to Receive criticism as a game master

As a Game Master (GM) or Dungeon Master (DM), you’re bound to receive criticism from your players at some point. And that’s okay!...

Game MastersGeneral Education

How Game Masters Can Avoid Burnout

Being a Game Master (GM) can be a rewarding experience—but it can also be incredibly exhausting.  You spend hours prepping for every session, developing creative...

College of Business

Introduction to Branding Yourself in the TTRPG Community

If you want to make it as a freelancer (or even an influencer) in the world of tabletop role-playing games, you need to...

General EducationPlayers

Beginning Terms: Intro to Vampire the Masquerade

Hello and welcome! If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in learning more about Vampire: The Masquerade (VTM). Vampire the masquerade is...

College of RoleplayPlayers

Beware These Game Master Red Flags

When looking for a Game Master (GM), be aware of red flags that might indicate an unhealthy or unsafe gaming environment.  You’re opening...

College of Tech

Discord Safety for TTRPG Communities

This post was updated January 2023 Many gamemasters and TTRPG groups use Discord to connect for sessions and other people for general niche...

College of BusinessGame Masters

Should Professional Dungeon Masters Charge Money for Session Zero?

So today, I want to talk about why you should charge for Session Zero—and how you can get hesitant players on board.  ...

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