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Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit Unboxing

Click the video play button above to see an unboxing of the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit by Wizards of the Coast!

This set would pair REALLY well with the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Kit. (If you had to pick one, though, pick the Essentials Kit!) I wish that I had started here first and foremost when getting into D&D. It’s very visual and comprehensive in a comfortable and easy-to-absorb way. This didn’t come out until more recently, though, so I’m just now getting to it to try with my dyslexic seven-year-old who thrives on hands-on visual assistance! 

I’m most excited about the cards offered in this deck. I’ll be laminating them for safekeeping. The cards (81 of them!) describe magical items, character sidekicks, combat procedures, and more. Also included in this kit is a 64-page rulebook with character-creation basics, an introductiory adventure called Dragon of Icespire Peak, a large poster map, blank character sheets, 11 polyhedral dice, and digital access and discount codes. 

I can’t wait to run this campaign with the kids and see how it goes. Keep an eye out for campaign videos and tips! 

Written by
Beth the Bard (@ItsBethTheBard)

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