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Dwarf Race Builder: Level One

Let’s build a dwarf in this post! If you’ve seen any of the Lord of the Rings or Hobbit films, you know exactly what a dwarf is. (Yes, I know they’re books too but I’ve only seen the movies and I’m okay with that.) 


Dwarves are an excellent character race for Dungeons and Dragons. I’ll show you why. 

(Most of the images in this post are owned by Wizards of the Coast, LLC)

Dwarf Race Basics:

This guide should make it easy-peasy for you to fill out your first character sheet for the Dwarf race! Consult your player’s handbook for more detailed information.

Life Span

Approximately 350 Years

Dwarves Reach Adulthood

At Approximately 50 Years Old

Ability Score Increase

Add +1 to Your Constitution Score

Dwarf Size


Average Dwarf Height

Four to Five Feet

Average Dwarf Weight

150 Pounds


25 Feet - Unaffected by Heavy Armor

Dwarf Languages

Dwarvish & Common

Weapons Proficiencies

Battleaxe, Handax, Light Hammer, & Warhammer


60 Foot Range
(Dim Light = Bright Light, Dark Light = Dim Light)

Dwarven Resilience

Advantage on Savings Throws Against Poison
Resistence Against Poison Damage

Dwarven "Stone Cunning"

Proficient in History (Intelligence) Checks on Stonework
- Add Double Your Proficiency Bonus to Check-

Choose One of These Three Possible Tool Proficiencies for Your Dwarf:


Brewer's Supplies


Dwarf Sub-Race Options

Now that you got all the basics of your dwarf character race written into your character sheet, you can choose a subclass to further explore your dwarf!

Choose One Dwarf Sub-Class:

Hill Dwarf

Mountain Dwarf

Hill Dwarf

You chose Hill Dwarf as your Dwarven sub-race. Cool! Here are the extra things you can add to your character sheet now:

Ability Score Increase

Add +1 to Your Wisdom Score

Dwarven Toughness

Hit Point Max Increases by 1
(Increases By One With Each Level-Up)

Mountain Dwarf

You chose Mountain Dwarf as your Dwarven sub-race. Cool! Here are the extra things you can add to your character sheet now:

Ability Score Increase

Add +2 to Your Strength Score

Armor Proficiencies

Light & Medium Armor

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